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Advanced Security Technologies

Advanced Security Technologies specializes in cyber security for CRITICAL services, including government operations, public events, and corporations with stringent SLAs. With over 20 years of experience, our team has consistently stayed ahead of threats by securing Olympic Games, government entities, and global corporations. Our commitment to innovation and research in cyber security has earned us numerous international awards.
Our solutions are built on the pillars of Personalization, offering tailored cyber security solutions for each customer; Accuracy, ensuring our systems eliminates false positives; and Proactive Prevention, coupled with Adaptivity through continuous, automated self improvement and learning, to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats..
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Qilin AI

QilinAI a self-defending, AI-powered (I)IoT shield against web attacks.
With adaptive AI for precision threat detection, embedded traps for intel on attackers, and tailored threat intelligence, QilinAI evolves with threats, ensuring robust device-specific protection.
Community- powered approach leverages collective immunity, enhancing defense for all connected devices through shared intelligence.
Key features include kernel-level protection for efficient defense without performance compromise and expansive network-level protection.
Benefit from unmatched accuracy, proactive defense, and adaptive learning with Qilin, your solution to staying ahead in the cybersecurity game.

Tailored TI


AST's Centralised Adaptive AI Threat Intelligence System tackles the challenge of the continuously changing attacks.
CAITIS  stands out by providing attacks prevention and deception tailored specifically to each client's unique attack posture.
The service boasts distinctive features of AST US patented deception system, a global network of IIoT/IT clone traps, and AI-driven detection of zero-day attacks.
It offers deep insights into potential threats, ensure continuous real-time cyber intelligence, and enhance the ability to identify and counteract novel threats, making it a cutting-edge solution in threat intelligence.



ASPEN (Advanced Security Processing Engine) serves as a Next Generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, designed for the surveillance and counter-intelligence tasks essential for the detection of cyber-attacks targeting critical infrastructure.
The architecture of ASPEN integrates elements of flexibility, scalability, and availability, featuring a modular design that supports various deployment strategies, scalability frameworks, and compliance with regional data protection regulations.
This configuration positions ASPEN as a platform capable of processing unlimited amount of events and  correlation rules, by horizontal and vertical scaling.


Preventive DNS

Phishing URLs and malicious websites pose a significant risk, potentially compromising your organization's security or children's access to inappropriate content.
What if you could automatically prevent these security lapses without the need for an endpoint protection security infrastructure?
PreventiveDNS is your answer, providing an affordable, real-time prevention solution that requires no changes to your existing infrastructure. Just start using our Preventive DNS service.
Additional benefit is that you will be aware of the online destinations your employees/children visit, without compromising their privacy.


We provide our services solely using partners. Please contact us if you want to become our partner or you are looking for our partner in your region.

24x7 SOC

Security Operations Center

A SOC is a specialized unit or team responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and responding to security threats and incidents in real-time. Their goal is to maintain the security of information systems and networks by providing continuous monitoring and rapid response to potential threats.

Deception + Real Time TI

Threat Intelligence

National Threat Intelligence provides information and analysis on current and potential cyber threats that may impact national security.
These services are crucial for identifying and tracking threats at a national level, enabling effective response and protection of vital national assets.

Deception + Real Time TI

Corporate Tailored Threat Intelligence

These services provide personalized information and analysis on cyber threats specific to a particular corporation and technologies it relies on. Leveraging industry-specific insights, infrastructure details, and system vulnerabilities, tailored Threat Intelligence helps corporations identify and address potential risks and vulnerabilities.


SMB MSSP service

SMB MSSP services are designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises with limited resources for managing cyber security.

These services offer affordable and scalable solutions and services for protection against cyber threats.

You can choose from our SMB MSSP portfolio services that best matches with your needs. Our SMB MSSP portfolio starts with incident response team, endpoint protection, firewalls management, threat feeds integration, regular vulnerability scanning, SOC in a box, and other measures.


Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance provides protection of SMB companies financial losses and expenses that may arise as a result of cyber attacks or incidents.

SMB companies that do not have specialized cyber security resources in their team can rely on our regular risk posture measurement and preventive controls, guaranteed

These service offers you a coverage for costs associated with system restoration, damage compensation, legal expenses, and other consequences of cyber incidents, providing users with security and peace of mind in the event of an attack.

ML Attacks

ML Security Assessment

In 2019, before ML became hot topic, we have shown at ISC2 conference in Hong Kong that we can manipulate any ML algorithm using input data manipulation. We could force it to not only to make wrong conclusions, but even enforce conclusion we want it to be made.

We will integrate the mathematical aspects of your ML algorithms with the IT technologies your implementation relies on to identify vulnerabilities to adversarial attacks and to enhance the reliability of your ML model in real-world applications.


Adaptive AI

Adaptive AI is designed for dynamic and rapidly changing environments, enabling systems to evolve and continuously improve over time.

Unlike traditional AI, which is best suited for stable and well-defined conditions, Adaptive AI thrives in situations that require flexibility and adaptability.

This type of AI offers high scalability and its performance typically improves as it learns from new data and experiences, making it highly effective for applications where ongoing adjustments and optimizations are necessary.

Using ML incremental learning techniques, we are developing an Adaptive AI solution tailored to address continuously changing cybersecurity threats, including previously unknown zero-day attacks.

Adversarial AI 

Adversarial AI focuses on the development and study of AI systems capable of detecting and responding to adversarial inputs.

These inputs are crafted to deceive or manipulate AI systems, highlighting vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Adversarial AI research includes both attacks, where malicious actors manipulate AI systems, and defenses, which aim to safeguard AI systems against such attacks.

We mathematical aspects of ML algorithms used, together with the technologies your implementation relies on, to identify potential vulnerabilities to adversarial attacks and to enhance the reliability of your ML model in real-world applications.

ML Distributed Training

Distributed training feature utilizes a network architecture where machine learning (ML) model training is executed across multiple nodes, each contributing computational resources.

This technique is particularly effective today by employing a multitude of small IoT (Internet of Things) devices that are operating below their maximum capacity. Each device allocates available computational power to the ML tasks which are in general CPU intensive.

This approach enables the aggregation of computational efforts from various underutilized devices, thereby optimizing hardware utilization and facilitating rapid development of our ML models as required. This method is ideally suited for scenarios requiring frequent ML model re-trainings, that should be run at edge devices.

IIoT Exploit Development

Exploit development for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices entails the systematic creation of software exploits aimed at uncovering and leveraging vulnerabilities within these systems.

By employing reverse engineering techniques, our approach involves dissecting the software and hardware configurations of specific devices to identify potential security flaws.

This detailed analysis allows us to craft tailored exploits that test the robustness of these systems. The primary objective of this process is to preemptively discover and address vulnerabilities, thereby advancing the development of effective countermeasures and enhancing the overall security posture of these critical systems.

How Does Tailored TI work?

A short video showing basic principles of tailored threat intelligence.


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